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2003 Aug 14 A massive blackout in the Northeastern United States knocked out the lights throughout New York, leaving Brooklyn dark, silent, and strange.»

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2001 Apr 12 New York City Documents
Handy city docs of various stripes.»
Shielded from Justice: New York
Problems with cops; plenty of evil included.»
2002 Jan 2 Coliseum Books closing. One of the best New York bookstores, soon to be gone.»
Mar 14 Van Alen Institute: East River Information Site
Thorough site on the East River - politics, ecology, maps.»
Aug 14 Bad Taste Is Its Own Reward
John Waters keeps a place in the Village: ”I take the subway everywhere,“ he said. ”I ride in the first car, to look at the rats. You can see them jumping out of the way on certain lines. The F line's not bad for that.“ »
Oct 13 The New York City Anti-Hipster Forum
She hates hipsters, and with good reason.»
Nov 5 quarlo - photos of new york city
Simply great photo site - New York looks like this.»
2003 Jan 23 Dante and the Bowery, by Theodore Roosevelt
"What infinite use Dante would have made of the Bowery! Of course, he could have done it only because not merely he himself, the great poet, but his audience also, would have accepted it as natural. The nineteenth century was more apt than the thirteenth to boast of itself as being the greatest of the centuries; but, save as regards purely material objects, ranging from locomotives to bank buildings, it did not wholly believe in its boasting."»
Apr 18 Brokentype
Alex continues to shine brightly, weighing in on the potential cuts in the NYC zoo funding: "Have you ever seen an Orangutan begging for money on a subway platform, soaked in its own urine? Have you watched the mighty gazelle hustling for tricks under the 59th street Bridge? It’s not good for anyone." And pan down for the "Warblog."»
2004 Mar 29 F Train Spotting
The F train illustrated by Danny Gregory.»


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