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2001 Apr 12 Adolf Hitler and Volkswagen
Hitler designed the damn thing. Look and see.»
Oct 9 The Anti-War Movement's Challenge
Seems to sum up a big swath of the left.»
Oct 10 “get your war on”
War Comix.»
Oct 11 An Informed Public Is the Greatest Weapon of Democracy
Slightly boring article against secrecy.»
Oct 12 Summary of John W. Kaye's History of the War in Afghanistan by Frederick Engels
Afghanistan and imperialism in the 1800s.»
Oct 13 The war over the narrative
Weird doublethink from the land of milk, honey, and men named Uzi.»
Oct 15 Ghurkas Screwed by the Man
The legendary Ghurkas, an elite Nepalese fighting force who fight for Britain, receive crap wages and lousy benefits.»
High-Tech Cardboard Boxes Used In Afghan Food Airdrops
The mechanics of dropping food from an airplane.»
Men loading 1000lb bombs
Impressionistic image of men loading 1000 pound bombs onto planes on the USS Carl Vinson. Oddly, I've stood on the Vinson's flight deck.»
Mil. Photographer of Year Competition
Winners of Military photo competition. Some lovely, some sad, some very normal.»
Umberto Eco: The Roots of Conflict
Thoughtful Eco on the conflict, from Counterpunch.»
Oct 16 Ken Alibek: For the Biodefense
Today, Alibek works for antidotes to germ warfare at Hadron, Inc, but he used to work manufacturing germs for the Soviets.»
Oct 18 Thoughts on Total Coverage
Jim Esch on ambiguous war emotions.»
Oct 28 Colin Powell Not Smiling
He's clearly not having a good enough time.»
2002 Mar 5 The ZULU! Website
“It is time to stop seeking excuses for the British defeat at Isandlwana, and to start instead to think of it as a Zulu victory.” Cool site on 1879 Anglo/Zulu war.»
2003 Apr 11 Iraqis not all that excited about the statue
Unfortunately, it looks suspiciously like a big photo-op.»
Apr 15 In Broken Baghdad, Photo Negatives (washingtonpost.com)
The meaning of images of war, of a looted museum and an armless boy.»
2004 Feb 1 Wars




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