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2001 Apr 12 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI)
Basic metadata framework for adding meta-information to Web pages; dc: namespace.»
General semantic Web stuff; biased towards business.»
Welcome to RDFWeb
Home of FOAF and other techs...»
Oct 10 Protege-2000: Home Page
An ontology development tool in Java.»
RDF Interest Group IRC Scratchpad, last cranked at 2001-10-10 19:43
RDF interest group links, churned from IRC logs.»
Oct 11 PURL - Persistent URL Home Page
Where URLS can stay safe forever.»
Interesting Web company found on RDFig weblog.»
Oct 12 USC/ISI - DAML WebScripter Project
Integrating SemWeb stuff into spreadsheets, etc.»
Oct 18 A Smarter Web
Middling-quality overview of the SemWeb from Mark Frauenfelder.»
RDF Interest Group IRC Scratchpad
Funny criticism of the Fraunfelder article, by epistemology rock star Bijan Parsia.»
Oct 26 Business Model for the Semnatic Web - Design Issues
Tim Berners-Lee on the Business Possibilities of the Semantic Web.»
Nov 2 AROS: Analysis, Reasoning and Optimisation based on Semantics
Interesting research lab in Denmark fiddling around with various semantic/logical strategies.»
Nov 19 A Logical Mnemonic for Calendaring and Scheduling
How to build calendars and schedules using var SemWeb techs.»
The RDF Query Language (RQL)
SQL for RDF.»
Nov 26 A Model of the Semantic Web Value Chain
Dec 4 History Assisted Navigation
Ways to sort and structure the Web-browser's “history” file to make it more accessible and useful.»
Semantic Web Conference
Semantic Web conference is going to be held in 2002 in Sardinia, Italy, the hotbed of Semantic Web development.»
Dec 6 SWWS Final Report
Semantic Web conference proceedings - scan down (12 meg PDF!)»
2002 Jan 4 Data and Reality [Excerpts]
A programmer looks at the relationship between data the real world itself.»
May 14 search for “Semantic Web”
Results for a search on “Semantic Web” for FirstGov.»
User evaluation of automatically generated semantic hypertext links in a heavily used procedural manual
When a manual on the Web gets semantic links added automatically, everyone JUST GOES CRAZY. With subtitles.»
May 18 Mondeca - Making your Business Content more Intelligent
“Mondeca provides a software solution enabling enterprises to efficiently and intelligently organize business content.” All that and directed graphs. Whoo! »
May 22 Catching the Dreams
Pat Hayes on different approaches to logic for the Web.»
SUO: Re: REQUEST: survey of available ontologies...
Sowa on Semantic Web standards. Ouch.»
Jul 12 RDF for mail filtering: FOAF whitelists
What you do is generate a checksum based on your mailbox ID. Then you distribute that checksum, and people create “whitelists” (but let's call 'em goodlists, instead, okay, and get that color thing out of there, time for a little accuracy in our semantics) with your checksums - NOT your email address, that can't be guessed by looking at the checksum. And you add a list of your own addresses, see, everyone shares “good” email addresses in a big database and that way mail that comes from the peoples, the good peoples, can be flagged higher, and mail that comes from spam folks gets flagged lower. There you have it, a real application of the Semantic Web, although it doesn't fully exist yet, but yep.»
The Pragmatic Web: semantics as if surfers mattered
Fun read: Jorn on Topic Maps, a bit, and other stuff. »
Jul 14 RDF Rich Site Summary (RSS)
Thorough list of RSS-related resources (RSS is a way to summarize Web sites so that other sites can use them. But not just Web sites, really. You could do all manner of stuff.)»
SCHEMAS: Forum for Metadata Schema Designers and Implementers
European Metadata Craziness! Watch out! They'll put the meta back in your data. Whoo!»
Jul 15 RSS1.0 Modules
Extensions to RSS1.0; the threading is particularly useful.»
Jul 25 Zthes - Home Page
Zthes is a protocol to allow you to search yourself some semantic thesauri using Z39.50 protocol returning XML. Fuck yeah!»
Jul 26 Business Model for the Semantic Web - Design Issues
Not earth-shaking, a few ideas therein.»
Making a Semantic Web
Detailed, thoughtful, thorough.»
O'Reilly Network: The Semantic Web: It's Whom You Know [Apr. 19, 2002]
“If it's done right, the Semantic Web would be accompanied by widespread knowledge management.” One moving target accompanied by another?»
Semantic Web Blog, featuring RDF
A weblog all about the Semantic Web. Haven't looked at it much, but it's quite current.»
The Semantic Web (for Web Developers)
Just like the title says. Procedural, here's the stuff, technical doc. Yep.»
Jul 28 Biographical RDF
A proposal for how IDs might be created for all people in history.»
More News
Semantic Web weblog.»
Aug 5 NewBreed Librarian's Eric Miller Interview
Interview with Eric Miller on the Semantic Web, by the departing (damn) New Breed Librarian web ste. Nice job.»
Aug 22 Semantic Web Club
You do not talk about Semantic Web club.»
Aug 27 News on the Semantic Web
Thoughtful feedback re: a Semantic Web idea.»
Sep 9 Why I am saddened, but not threatened, by those who want to muck with RSS 1.x
Edd Dumbill's thoughtful thoughts on the recent RSS fork.»
Oct 2 Bitworking - The Well-Formed Web
The "Well Formed Web" as a replacement for the Semantic Web. It's a good idea, but I think the idea proposed is just a stopgap way to get to the Semantic Web - that is, you need some way to sort and structure information, and that way is going to look a lot like ontologies. But maybe what the whole RSS debacle, as well as this idea, are saying is that the Semantic Web, by being a grafting of classic AI technologies onto hard-to-fathom data structures expressed, primarily, in XML, is not going to get to prime time until it's packaged and contextualized. Which is why I need to go to grad school right now, and someone needs to give me an assistantship, and I shouldn't have to take the GREs and I should be visited by magic academic leprachauns who will make everything really easy for me. That aside, did you know that probity means uprightness? It's one of the 10,000,000 words likely to occur on the GRE.»
Oct 6 Google News Search: java
Okay, yeah, the folks at Google think we should do better text analysis, forget the Semantic Web, but this news search for "java" at Google News shows what a car crash text-only databases can be.»
Oct 13 The Semantic Web... in Haiku
A really nice intro to RDF and related technology, entirely in haiku.»
Nov 13 Metacrap
A really doofy anti-metadata rant, still making the rounds. The points are correct at the extreme, but it's a lot of straw-men arguments. Most metadata and Semantic Web folks just want data to be cool and manageable for the peoples; only some want to control reality.»
Dec 31 Mark Pilgrim vs. the Semantic Web
Mark has some thought-out criticism of the Semantic Web: "Look, semantics is hard. Forget the social problems of implementation and the technical problems of the current generation of syntax. Semantics all by itself is just fundamentally hard....In many respects, I believe we're now following in the footsteps of 18th and 19th-century philosophers. I see otherwise intelligent people falling into the same traps that intelligent people fell into 100 years ago." I disagree - more later, you know - but Mark of all the critics of the SemWeb seems to have his head well-wrapped around the issues involved. I think there are real benefits to be gained from a fairly large framework that uses existing knowledge rep concepts and extends them to the web, and I think issues of trust and other metrics can be managed collectively at least as well as, say, eBay manages them now. And the emphasis is on collectively. But, ferchrissakes, more later. & the SemWeb is lucky to receive thoughtful criticism, but I also think the Doctorow piece linked in Mark's essay, though, is really more pop-info trashing of the metadata concept than thoughtful crit.»
The Semantopic Map
An interesting topic-map application showing various things around the Semantic Web.»
2003 Jan 4 Internet Alchemy
A+ web site covering XML and Semantic Web topics.»
Jan 20 Creative Comments: On the Uses and Abuses of Markup [Jan. 15, 2003]
A critical article on the Creative Commons ' use of XML by Kendall, with solid advice for improvements.»
Aug 12 Minding the Planet
The weblog of Nova Spivack, entrepreneur, Semantic Web thinker and re-thinker, and occasional employer of Paul Ford.»
Nov 3 Rx4RDF
"Rx4RDF is a specification and reference implementation for querying, transforming and updating W3C's RDF by specifying a deterministic mapping of the RDF model to the XML data model defined by XPath." All in Python—shows some truly nice thinking.»
Nov 15 Themes and metaphors in the semantic web discussion
Peter Van Dijck does a wonderful job breaking down the argument over the Semantic Web that took place last week, cartoon-style. I (Paul) am represented by a picture from 1999 taken with several plastic bags stuffed in my mouth (c.f. My Busy Day). So cool.»


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