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2001 Oct 14 buying info: I Had a Frightmare!
Pile-on on Bill Keane at Amazon.»
Oct 30 A Movie Theater Marquee
Someone probably got fired for that...»
Dec 22 Genesis Prelude
Jim Esch on Mike Rhombus' prog-rock attempts.»
2002 Jan 3 Quotes from Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde
Peter Marshall: The Atlantic Ocean is the major body of water on Africa's west coast. What major body lies off Africa's east coast? Paul Lynde: Ex-president Mobutu.»
Jan 4 A Little Parrot Humor
A collection of bad parrot jokes.»
Feb 24 Stuff: Broken Jokes
Jokes without the humor, for comic effect.»
Mar 23 Fireland
Fireland is on hiatus.»
Aug 26 Puns
Puns: the lowest form of wit»
Puns/Word Play in Ancient Literature
Mesopotamian puns: a dog was the distilled essence of the dog, not a referent to a dog.»
The Absolutely Useless Dictionary - Jest for pun !
Pun dictionary. Horrid but compelling.»
Steve Brooks- Epic Puns
There is a pun contest. This man won it.»
Funny Puns
Jokes ending in puns. All. Really. Awful.»
The Pun FAQtory - Frequently Askewed Questions about Paronomasia
An eggsalad racehorse for pun-interest.»
RV - 03 Probing Through McLuhan
McLuhan and probes and puns.»
Nov 20 Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots
"The Web's First Shaggy Dog Story Archive." History, examples, abuse your friends.»
Dec 31 Mug Shot Archive
The Smoking Gun's best mug shots of 2002 - not celebrities, but real folks, including Bambi, the K-Mart employee in trouble. It's wrong to laugh, but also, it's very funny.»
2003 Jan 7 pat freestone's head
Pat is the best blogger, and a huge fan of video games. Pan down for his list of the things he'd prefer hearing instead of Billy Joel's "Piano Man." Number 6 is, "the phrase, 'Congratulations, President DiCaprio'.»
Jan 16 Dow - A Chemical Company on the Global Playground
Did you know Dow was responsible for the global environment movement? Excellent, subversive, hoax.»
0format: 100 Thrilling Updates in a Day
Dennis Mahoney shines as he reaches hits wits end (around #30) in order to update his Web site 100 times in a single day.»
Jan 28 Mr. Roboto - Lyrics and Interpretation
"The time has come at last/To throw away this mask/So everyone can see/My true identity.../I'm Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy!" Styx's "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto," one of the worst ideas ever committed to vinyl, carefully explicated.»
Jan 29 pat freestone's head
Pat Freestone, in order to improve his videogame skills, dopes his blood, slams heroin, and has a problem at the mall.»
Feb 11 ProfQuotes
Goofball quotes from professors.»
Mar 3 Pirate Riddles for Sophisticates
Q: What's a pirate's favorite aspect of computational linguistics? A: PARRRsing sentences. It sort of tapers off after that.»
Mar 4 The Horror of Blimps
A classic example of the ancient struggle of man man vs. blimp.»
Mar 19 'Prophet' opens theme park for our alien heritage
Daniken, author of "Chariots of the Gods" etc, opens Swatch and Coca-Cola-backed bazillion dollar horseshit theme park.»
Apr 15 Terrible Tales
The collected works of Timmy and Jenny, including the compact, elegantly told "No more p-p bathes tonight!," the dark and revealing "Someone Called the Cops," the remarkable, uplifting, and joyful "It takes a steady hand," and the newly released, potently surreal drama of childhood choices, "Horse of Darkness."»
2004 Mar 29 Trapped by unded, need help
The blog of two men trying to survive zombie attacks. “That's not very funny. That's not what I need right now. I don't need to be called retarded when I've got a million frickin zombies trying to kill me.”»
Apr 1 Amazon World
Amazing reviews.»


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