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2002 Feb 15 obscura: advice: 000529
I asked for advice in 2000, and received it. The images are beautiful. »
Feb 20 whygodwhy: “Things I would say to Paul Ford if he was the receptionist in my office.”
Hmm. It's #6 that bugs me the most. Do I parry, or pretend not to have heard?»
Feb 24 Pundits on Fire in Hell
A very kind reader recently sent me the audio file that went with this piece; I thought it was lost forever. Classic Ftrain Scott Rahin/Paul Ford interaction, resurrected from the digital graveyard, plus hardcore trombone fury.»
May 15 Reports from the Field
Interview with yours truly about character and narrative on the Web, in which I sound kinda pretentious. But hey. Hey.»
Jun 25 Tonie's Kladblok - scrollen verplicht in naam der hyperlink
Nothing beats having your work discussed in a language you can't understand. “Ik durf te wedden dat u Ftrain voor het eerst ziet,” indeed. »
Jul 9 Steve's Web Page: Flaming Lips are more Beautiful than (some) Squirrels
“Steve Burns,” or (so PARANOID) someone writing to impersonate Steve Burns (who COULD do such a TERRIBLE THING), describing a journey into FlamingLipsLand, a journey I shared.»
The Morning News - Letter from the Editor
"I told him, 'I'm basically trying to sound like a pompous twit.' He laughed and slapped the table. Paul, a large man, nearly tipped the damn thing over." Rosecrans on being paranoid about being a twit. I don't think he's a twit. I think he's pretty.»
Jul 21
From a blog that links to this site, which I'll leave unlinked: “Take that Ftrain site, for instance. Ninety percent of the time, I don't know what the fuck they're talking about.” Which makes me think, only 10% to go! »
Jul 22 A Wrench the Size of Delaware
A story by Paul Ford about visiting a friend.»
Ftrain, says Joe, is a cool site. Thanks, says Paul.»
blogs by subway line
The people in the neighborhood with Web sites.»
Jul 30 F-Train
Squarepusher is putting out a song, in October, called F-Train. Apparently, it's wandering the knob-twiddler's file-sharing Internet, in MP3 form, as we speak, but out of my low-bandwidth/Linux reach. The album notes, already transcribed by the Squarepusher faithful, contain the lyrics to F-train and a manifesto, which is pissed-off-academic in tone, but has the fun line: identity-cults can only be effectively generated from one dimensional personalities. The lyrics to F-train make no immediate sense, but do mention Fortran and C++, which is in their favor. I like Squarepusher quite a bit, even if he does noodle till my brain melts. Alas, rather than the Brooklyn-bound Ftrain, the mother of all means of transportation, which is rocking past my window, elevated, as I write, I'll bet he's referring to the Japanese F-Train (they have one, too) or maybe even, the Japanese Future Train web site, if he's referring to anything I can think of at all. All it takes is an en-dash and you're somewhere else entirely. I think I deserve a free copy of the album as recompense for all the Squarepusher fans who will be writing in to ask if I know anything about Tom Jenkinson over the next few years. Which I don't!»
Aug 14 -
All the blogs that are influenced by Ftrain, which is not a blog but a site, but hey, I give up on that distinction, yaknow? Sorta neat idea.»
Some Guy at the Mirror Project
A bit bored....»
Sep 13 Milton Hershey School a residential school offering free education, housing, clothing, meals, medical/dental care and recreational activities.»
Sep 19 Where Are They Now?
Whatever happened to Jack and Diane? By the author.»
2003 Jan 8 EAT SHIT. (v2.00001)
According to this, I'm an example of "how certain select members of the 'web development community' hide behind the idea of 'accessability' to dangle their dom/css/xhtml DICKS in YOUR FACE" and, if I just wrote and worked on hot graphics, instead of doing all that CSS coding, the world would be a beautiful place. This guy is outstanding.»
Jun 12 Bruce Cockburn - Albums - You've Never Seen Everything (2003)
What a weird coincidence that the non-North-American distribution cover of the album would find and use the same 1"x1" piece of clip art at the top right corner of a back page of a German encyclopedia republished by Dover.»


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