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2001 Apr 12 Anal Piercing Experience
How to get a stud up in that bad place.»
New York City Department Of Health - EHS Rats We're Working Together
How to deal with rats in your apartment. Keep the baby up.»
Oct 15 The Journal of Mundane Behavior
Fantastic scholarly journal of everyday life; articles on “The Improvisation of Everyday Life” among other topics.»
Nov 6 Brokentype
Ali Handro has unique brilliance; the story of his lawn is told with style and wit.»
2002 Feb 18 18 Feb 2002
Poignant, strong personal narrative about a socially lost classmate, by Dervala Hanley.»
Humiliating Events 1
Ali Handro writes on love, frisbees, and dog shit, and the reader squirms and shivers.»
Humiliating Events 2
Ali Handro on a cabbage patch doll and a moment of terror. Excellent as usual.»
The time has come to talk of many things...
Scroll to 09 January - “Tomorrow I go in front of the judge, again.” Excellent personal narrative about alcoholism. Recommended to me by Leslie./»
Feb 20 The Pitt News - Hard-shelled
A CMU student is living for 3 months in a house he built in silence dressed as a lobster attached to an umbilical cord doing exercises and blowing on a horn. See pictures.»
Mar 4 tremble - i did this.
Actually, most female drummers are billed as “quiet and mysterious”, which is generally a polite way of saying “obese and surly.”»
Mar 7 Brouhaha at the crabshack
“Lobster” performance artist has been attacked by fraternity members! “Three of the four arrested who could be reached denied damaging the property. The police report stated that mong the items damaged were a 250 lb. statue of a giraffe, ”an acrylic prop used for a play,“ and the building itself. One of the actors said a staircase may have collapsed while several of the participants were inside.” »
Dancing the Macarena for a talk with Lobster Boy
Painful-to-read article about trying to interact with Lobster Boy.»
Hard-shelled, part 2
Lobster boy “explained” by CMU administration.»
Mar 10 Lincoln's Body Exhumed
One last look at Abe Lincoln in 1901 before he was buried in several tons of concrete. He was still recognizable.»
Mar 11 the Jer zone
Riffing off Ftrain, a writer describes his own Wobblevision experiences.»
Mar 17 Joey Skags
NYC hoaxster - creator of the Cathouse for Dogs, troublemaker.»
Jul 19 True Porn Clerk Stories
This site has some excellent personal writing. The story is simple: smart, thoughtful woman of about 30 takes job at video store with large porn selection. But what's amazing is her attempts to contextualize and sort what she's seeing (she has a background in anthropology), the way she names the customers and tries to make sense of her own experiences, and the end result is as good as anything you'll find - wistful, sad, probing, the voice of someone earnestly trying to make sense of human desire in the face of a good deal of ugliness and boredom.»
Aug 6 A Dying Voice
Newspaper Columnists are fading fast: ”In past generations, says Carroll, columnists tapped into 'a certain idiom that was largely white ethnic European life in neighborhood bars and pubs. That was best captured by Breslin and Royko. That life has faded with the assimilation of these ethnic groups. I keep looking for a new idiom to come along.'“»
Aug 17 Vampiric Studies: Real Predators
Beware...the Vampire impersonator will ruin your life.»
Aug 29 When Push Comes to Shove
Rediscover the sheer ignorance and awfulness of PointCast and its CEO, back when "push" was going to be the dominant force on the Web.»
Sep 3 Divas - The Site / Society Divas
Campy stories of society divas.»
Sep 16 The Cranberry Farming Shrink
A therapist who farms cranberries offers his thoughts on how to avoid getting bogged down by criticism. Bogged down. Criticism. Bogged. Yeah. 'Kay.»
Sep 19 Tyco Birthday Party
40th birthday party of the Chairman's wife, on the corporate dime, complete with a Michaelangelo's David sculpted from ice spewing vodka from its cock.»
Oct 15 I really want to do it with Dave Matthews!
I love Dave Matthews so much no other man will suffice!»




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