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2001 Apr 12 A Theoretically Motivated Tool for Automatically Generating Command Aliases
HCI/AI convergence - it figures out what you like to do, etc.»
Chronology of Artificial Intelligence
History of AI in little blurby text. »
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - Chinese room
Chinese Room defined.»
Jason Hutchens
Hutch! Behind Megahal, and then coworker at Ai. All-around Web/AI/Language fellow.»
LARRY HAUSER: Philosophy Resources, Etc.
Hauser is very anti-Searle; neat stuff.»
New Scientist
Alas, poor Hal, I knew him.»
Part 4: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence [565]
Long bib of AI info.»
People with online papers in philosophy
Many AI-related philosophical papers in the midst.»
The Practical Requirements for Making a Conscious Robot
Harnad - symbol grounding, etc.»
Oct 16 Loebner 2001 Photos
The Loebner is over! A.L.I.C.E. won.»
Nov 13 The Learning Machine Web
Learning machines! Machines that learn! And think! And do! »
2002 May 15 Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science
A New Kind of Hype. Stephen Wolfram proclaims self genius again; writes big hoo-ha cellular automata book proclaiming to reinvent science, 99.9999999% of world responds with massive shrug, .0000001% of self-important cawing jackdaw science-types get all flustered and write reviews all over the Global Interweb and in New Scientist or whatever. King Bullshit assumes 1000-year throne. Why, why, WHY must I be programmed to listen and read the work of that .0000001%?»
Oct 14 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Full text of articles from the JAIR, in PDF.»
Nov 4 An architecture of diversity for commonsense reasoning
Article in IBM's systems journal expressing a variety of ways to approach computer reasoning. Written by a host of heavy-hitting AI/Knowledge Base types: J. McCarthy, M. Minsky, A. Sloman, L. Gong, T. Lau, L. Morgenstern, E. T. Mueller, D. Riecken, M. Singh, and P. Singh.»
Erik T. Mueller
Home site of the person who created Thought Treasure; he's a neat, hard-working AI researcher.»
2003 Jan 6 Coding an artificial neural network (ANN) in PHP
Nifty article about building a simple ANN that can be called for Web toys; the technique should work in most languages.»
Chris McKinstry: master hoaxster?
Lengthy RW timeline the net-life of an AI researcher with a crazy CV and several severe emotional problems (armed standoffs in Winnipeg).»
2004 Mar 24 Nanniebot breakdown
Nanniebot - a chatbot designed to catch pedophiles, and it apparently passes the Turing test. Nanniebot's creator - a holocaust denier, but please note also a pet lover. The Register says: "Wightman doesn't want to sell his software or turn his technology into a business. However he would welcome financial support for government-run child protection bodies so that he can expand his system beyond four servers at his work." AI history gets another nut.»


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